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When a doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes medication, most people assume the medication is safe and will work as intended. Side effects are always a possibility, but you should not need to worry about whether a drug is safe or not. Unfortunately, some medications turn out to be defective or dangerous. Unsuspecting patients sustain injuries or even die from these dangerous drugs. If you or someone you love suffered harm from medication, please get in touch with our defective drugs lawyer at Polivick Law Firm.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Bad Drug?

Understandably, many people want to know how much compensation they can recover in a defective drug lawsuit. However, there is no settlement range we can share. Factors such as injury severity and total damages impact your case value. Rather than focus on average settlements, speak with a defective drug lawyer in Illinois to discuss what your case is worth.

Class Action Lawsuit Drug List

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is the governmental agency that oversees medications and issues recall notices. Companies can issue a recall notice, or the FDA can initiate one. If you are curious about drugs you are taking or have been prescribed, the FDA maintains records on recalled drugs. A few categories of drugs that are under investigation or previously recalled include those for:

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Who Is Liable for Defective Drugs?

Determining who is liable depends on the circumstances of your injuries. Health care professionals and pharmacists have a legal duty to ensure the drugs they prescribe and dispense do not harm patients. It is imperative to recognize possible drug interactions and provide the correct dosages. For example, some medications might not be suitable for someone with an existing condition.

If a medical professional fails to ask the right questions or misses something in the records, they could be held liable for any injuries that result from prescribing the wrong medication or incorrect dosage. Pharmacists who dispense the wrong dosage or medication have liability if you suffer harm.

The manufacturer can be liable when a drug is defective or has harmful side effects that are not disclosed. Dangerous drugs can fall under one of three categories:

A defective drug at the manufacturing level means an error during production or shipping. A design defect means the drug was correctly manufactured but formulated in a manner that resulted in injuries. Marketing defects involve a flaw in the warnings or instructions that come with the medication. Any one of these defects can give rise to a strict liability tort claim against the manufacturer. Strict liability means that the manufacturer is responsible for the harmful effects of their product even if they were not negligent.

Contact Our Defective Drugs Lawyers

When you suffer injuries from a dangerous or defective drug, you must contact an experienced lawyer immediately. It would be best if you had someone to protect your rights and support you in holding all liable parties responsible for their actions. When you hire Polivick Law Firm, you will work directly with attorney John Polivick.

John is passionate about helping injured victims get the justice they deserve. He will use his prior experience representing pharmaceutical companies to build the strongest case possible for you. He will work tirelessly to find and preserve evidence, negotiate with the defendants’ lawyers, and more. Contact our office today if you may have been injured by a defective drug.

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